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Profitability, customer retention and differentiation are primary objectives for communication service providers. Achieving these is increasingly challenging as the business environment becomes more competitive and the technology we support becomes more complex.


Virsae, an innovative cloud-based service management platform is now available to a
selected group of service providers internationally.


For your end clients, Virsae helps them improve business performance and service availability through:

  • Visibility of assets
  • Service Transparency
  • Proactive support


For the Service Provider, Virsae enhances shareholder value in three ways:

  • Widen the gap between revenue & cost
  • Delight your clients
  • Outperform your competitors


An integrated toolset delivered as a hosted service for the service provider to the end customer


Virsae comes with several service modules providing critical functions for proactively managing communications applications. Service providers can mix and match these modules to complement their own services or meet the needs of individual customers.


Availability ManagerAvailability Manager

... goes beyond alarm monitoring – performing corrective actions greatly enhancing availability. This is achieved by an ever growing knowledgebase which links known problems with proven actions to quickly prevent business interruption. Virsae resolves as many as 90% of issues without human intervention, reducing repetitive engineering effort, while increasing availability for customers.

Availability ManagerCapacity Manager

... provides capacity information of customers’ systems enabling you to forecast future resource needs. Capacity reports are aggregated from multiple sources and simplified in to an easily understood format. Capacity Manager delivers a valuable insight in to hardware and software assets, network usage, internal resource utilization and individual component performance.

Availability ManagerConfiguration Manager

... provides a real time view of a communications environment providing valuable data for future forecasts, diagnosis and planning. Configuration Management information is stored in a Configuration Management Database and includes hardware assets, licences volumes, IP endpoints, firmware and software versions.

Availability ManagerContinuity Manager

... assists with rapid systems recovery in the event of a catastrophic failure. Continuity Manager regularly collects and stores vital back up data which can be used as part of the recovery process. The data is held in a secure offsite infrastructure and can be easily retrieved through Virsae’s web portal.

Availability ManagerRelease Manager

... mitigates risk by managing software version control. Release Manager
includes a configurable Definitive Software Library storing the latest releases from the manufacturer. Any variations between the Definitive Software Library and the CMDB are then reported to you and (if desired) end customers.

Availability ManagerChange Manager

... maintains a common view of system changes. Although communications administration applications hold change logs, Virsae allows you to capture all changes through a single tool making it the perfect tool for audit purposes and problem resolution.

Availability ManagerService Desk

... provides a single interface for communication, escalation, reporting, and customer interaction. Using Service Desk, service providers can perform customer
administration, communication, SMS and email notification, reporting and manage on-line service requests.




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