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Multi-Tech’s family of Voice over IP gateways bridge the voice network to the data network providing a viable alternative to traditional public switched telephone networks. Companies can realize significant cost savings and business productivity benefits by leveraging a single IP network to support both voice and data.

Multi-Tech's telephony gateway solutions add functionality to a customer’s existing phone system while protecting the investments already made in data and voice network infrastructure. Multi-Tech Voice over IP gateways integrate voice and fax communications into a data network providing distributed IP telephony and toll bypass savings to remote offices of multi-location businesses.

Multi-Tech solutions are available in analog and digital models, and connect directly to phones, fax machines, key systems, PSTN lines or a PBX supplying real-time voice connections.

The Multi-Tech MultiVOIP SS survivable SIP gateway and server is ideal for small branch offices of large corporations that have deployed a distributed IP telephony network. It functions as the primary SIP server for IP phones used at the remote offices and renders local office survivability, in the case of a LAN or WAN failure, by providing local, reliable PSTN trunking.


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