Webinar: BlueJeans Conferencing Strategy 3 of 3

18/07/17 10:30 – 18/07/17 11:00

Driving an Effective Video Strategy with Improved
Service Intelligence

Join Westcon and BlueJeans in a 3 part video cast series around video conferencing. Harness
the power of existing investments with a consistent interface and enable employees to use
the most productive one-click video conferencing anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

Explore how proper VC service intelligence with real-time monitoring, troubleshooting, analytics,
and live meeting management provides the data insights you need to make informed business decisions.


Webinar: July 18 10:30am

75% of professionals believe video conferencing delivers a significant positive impact on their business. So why do so many expensive VC investments sit idle? Key reasons include:

  • Current VC technologies lack interoperability, often limiting usage to a single location
  • Restrictive physical and network limitations don’t adapt to today’s remote and mobile
  • People naturally gravitate to tools that and are easy to use and improve productivity.
    Enterprise VC platforms aren’t one of them.