Webinar: BlueJeans Conferencing Strategy 1 of 3

27/06/17 10:30 – 27/06/17 11:00

Optimizing Your Existing Video Conferencing Investment

Join Westcon and BlueJeans in a 3 part video cast series around video conferencing. Harness
the power of existing investments with a  consistent interface and enable employees to use
the most productive one-click video conferencing anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

Learn how you can integrate your existing standards-based video conferencing technologies
with a single, one-click platform, eliminating the interoperability challenges associated
with multiple disparate VC technologies.


Webinar: June 27 10:30am

75% of professionals believe video conferencing delivers a significant positive impact on their business. So why do so many expensive VC investments sit idle? Key reasons include:


Current VC technologies lack interoperability, often limiting usage to a single location


Restrictive physical and network limitations don’t adapt to today’s remote and mobile


People naturally gravitate to tools that and are easy to use and improve productivity.
Enterprise VC platforms aren’t one of them.